Just of Me

If indeed the decision is a violation
I will not going to
But because of conscience who speaks
My soul has the right to decide where they will link the heart
Not because the basis of lust, ambition and ego
But since the foundation of love that has been planted and nurtured

Although I knew,
after the tree you planted and nurtured and thrives
Chastened storms, winds and typhoons endless
and consequently is making me fall
You could say it's an ordeal

However, Please give me a chance to examine all
Do not interfere in my life under the pretext of concern
While the concern that only makes the problem escalating
And there's no settlement

Now let me define my path
Do not cover and do not interfere
Because I have been able to face any storm
And ready at any time.

Yippie.....always feel alright

Life in the earth we are really face all kind of trouble and so many kind challenge, but we must explore our power to fight it, what power can solve? Of course by our ability to create the manner how to solve.

What manner that can find a solution faster? we can think abroad without fry in own grease, that is by looking for an alternative, life is so wide place and so wide a location, why we always panic, angry, petty minded and depressed?

Don't let our life go on without result caused the problem that falling on us, we must face it, fight it, and don't let it make we lose!! Conversely we have to win by our best solution.

To find easily and to do alternative for our problem, you can try this tips properly :
1. Carefree always even though you are face a big trouble
2. Don't let an emotion overbearing of you
3. After you do an effort to find a solution and you have not find it yet, please never say die or end, now come upon time to find other alternative.

The alternative that you grab may be improper or not enough satisfied, but as few as it can less the promatical and may be it can be the way to pass the problems in orther to be better solution.

Let's grab our alternative to get the best solution in our life

Humble accustomed to Big Appreciate

Who can be humble in live will feel light sensation, as though we are no burden and no need to think loading for everything.
Because by famiriarize ourselves to make our life simple, can deduct a burden thought.

No need to fabricated our attitude and performance with no the way we are, what for our luxury, majesty, glamorous and etc, if we are not feel happy and we cannot get what is can't be bought like a serenity, togetherness, and sincere.

By humble living, is not mean that we never enjoying a living, we are really can enjoy and get all enjoyment, pleasure and any benefit in life, we can also use all facilities by our capability, if we want to drive a car, ride a motor, have a luxury property, we no need to force by create our big debt, it will be burden for us, so we can look at other alternative, we can enjoy without debt shadowing in our life.

That alternative is , we can experience and undergo to use all luxury facilities by rent, by using public own to rent it arround us will minimalization all risk of maintenance or big debt.

By we do a humble attitude and practice it in our daily life, the others will accept us as the majesty person who humble and make them comfortable if we are beside other persons.


Togetherness is a special thing for me, in the house, in the environment, in community and wherever.Cannot describe if we life in the world without others, there will no ventilation to flow out our thinking and all our idea, there will no support and sharing and there will no help each other.

In togetherness and interaction with others we always face an obstacle, because the people have a variation idea and thoughtfull, and the people have a different wishing and they are have a different feeling and emotional.

To get a harmonious relationship with others, we should do all attaction that could measure of the feeling person to person or empathy.

If the contradiction and squabbling is happen, we should to get down our emotion and we make efforts to get back a good relationship as usual, so many manner to get it back, we can learn by evaluation to ourselves or get good inspiration from others.

If we get in the middle of two friends or more squabbling that is not our case or our matter, we no need to intervene but we have to give our advice to our friends that squabbling. And we look out for our attitude , do not give any worth influence to one or other because it will be a new problem and will be cloudy occasion.

To get neutral on it, we need to give the advice to our friends instead to hostile them, we have to get them for introspection by wise not patronizing, because they need a friends to sharing , no need a teacher or instruction and any judgement which will make they get down more or make them think that we are making a paty.

We should be careful for our attaction and attitude to get neutral, wisely and empathy need to embed in our soul and heart.

To get our harmonious relationship, we can start from now by our big empathy, accept a difference and get humble in all occasion.

"Togetherness is simplify our life, so let's we care our harmonious togetherness"

Wall Jungle

Seemingly that area is full warm
There is so many house
Face to face
And so many person
passing by each other
There are no admonished
No Greetings
They are like a robot
Who walk and pass no matter
No Smile
No say hello
Over there
Feeling so quiet
like in the grave
like a zombie
and seemed remain
with the tree and carving only
How come it can be?
Because the people have been strong individualist
Oh My God, The people live in the earth is going to love each other aren't it?
God, care me that is not being individualist people, i always wanna get good interaction with all the people and arround.

Tired when was doing nothing

Sometimes we stuck in quarter time, no idea, no support, no soul, no spirit and no expectation, we just want to stay at the silent and daydream. Why it coul be?
It could be happen because it exhausted, when we feel no useful or handy for another and all useless, of course we will feel nothing and no need do anything for life.

To rise up in order to get a good life and qualification, when we got falling in whatever, we should make it as a valuable lesson instead disaster beating.

Actually, when we doing much activity that we love and that we like to do, even though we are very tired, we still have a power to do all we want to do because intake influence from spirit and nice suggestion.

So, we can do in so many thing useful for life and arround it.
what a little thing we can do for a kindness, do it straight, don't stop before outcome, because good output will approach you.

Don't let waste time and blank, create your idea, doing what you can and growing a good spirit and positive energy to throw away our useless.

Couple Commitment

A couple that have make a commitment to be the one in a marriage, generally they were discuss all of their existence life in new life as wife and husband.

As a rule that they talk about commitment is :

How to care of their privacy each other
How to care of relationship with each big family
How to manage household expense
How to arrange of child future bright
How to devoted each other
How to care of understanding
How to appreciate each other
and so much more have to do in householdship

They must have a fortress to consistence for their commitment, and also have to filter external influence and all temptation.
On occasion a couple face a problem caused from their internal, sometimes they are not fit in daily habit, a little mistake can be a seriously, and then unpleasant atmosphere will occur.

If the problem take them out in very seriously, generally they will take solve of their problem.

For some person, will get separated to prevent more big problem, and some person will survive in uncomfortable for always come together with their couple caused devoted consistence or the strong affection is still hold in.

Various purpose to get survive in their uncomfortable household, it could be prestige, dilemma, for their child and so many reason to base their consider and decission.

Whatever their decision, we should never judge with our opinion because each person is undergo for their option to get what the way they are.

One of solution for it, they should be manage their problem to solve and have to manage all the occasion towards a solution and safely.