Togetherness is a special thing for me, in the house, in the environment, in community and wherever.Cannot describe if we life in the world without others, there will no ventilation to flow out our thinking and all our idea, there will no support and sharing and there will no help each other.

In togetherness and interaction with others we always face an obstacle, because the people have a variation idea and thoughtfull, and the people have a different wishing and they are have a different feeling and emotional.

To get a harmonious relationship with others, we should do all attaction that could measure of the feeling person to person or empathy.

If the contradiction and squabbling is happen, we should to get down our emotion and we make efforts to get back a good relationship as usual, so many manner to get it back, we can learn by evaluation to ourselves or get good inspiration from others.

If we get in the middle of two friends or more squabbling that is not our case or our matter, we no need to intervene but we have to give our advice to our friends that squabbling. And we look out for our attitude , do not give any worth influence to one or other because it will be a new problem and will be cloudy occasion.

To get neutral on it, we need to give the advice to our friends instead to hostile them, we have to get them for introspection by wise not patronizing, because they need a friends to sharing , no need a teacher or instruction and any judgement which will make they get down more or make them think that we are making a paty.

We should be careful for our attaction and attitude to get neutral, wisely and empathy need to embed in our soul and heart.

To get our harmonious relationship, we can start from now by our big empathy, accept a difference and get humble in all occasion.

"Togetherness is simplify our life, so let's we care our harmonious togetherness"

Wall Jungle

Seemingly that area is full warm
There is so many house
Face to face
And so many person
passing by each other
There are no admonished
No Greetings
They are like a robot
Who walk and pass no matter
No Smile
No say hello
Over there
Feeling so quiet
like in the grave
like a zombie
and seemed remain
with the tree and carving only
How come it can be?
Because the people have been strong individualist
Oh My God, The people live in the earth is going to love each other aren't it?
God, care me that is not being individualist people, i always wanna get good interaction with all the people and arround.