Couple Commitment

A couple that have make a commitment to be the one in a marriage, generally they were discuss all of their existence life in new life as wife and husband.

As a rule that they talk about commitment is :

How to care of their privacy each other
How to care of relationship with each big family
How to manage household expense
How to arrange of child future bright
How to devoted each other
How to care of understanding
How to appreciate each other
and so much more have to do in householdship

They must have a fortress to consistence for their commitment, and also have to filter external influence and all temptation.
On occasion a couple face a problem caused from their internal, sometimes they are not fit in daily habit, a little mistake can be a seriously, and then unpleasant atmosphere will occur.

If the problem take them out in very seriously, generally they will take solve of their problem.

For some person, will get separated to prevent more big problem, and some person will survive in uncomfortable for always come together with their couple caused devoted consistence or the strong affection is still hold in.

Various purpose to get survive in their uncomfortable household, it could be prestige, dilemma, for their child and so many reason to base their consider and decission.

Whatever their decision, we should never judge with our opinion because each person is undergo for their option to get what the way they are.

One of solution for it, they should be manage their problem to solve and have to manage all the occasion towards a solution and safely.

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