Tired when was doing nothing

Sometimes we stuck in quarter time, no idea, no support, no soul, no spirit and no expectation, we just want to stay at the silent and daydream. Why it coul be?
It could be happen because it exhausted, when we feel no useful or handy for another and all useless, of course we will feel nothing and no need do anything for life.

To rise up in order to get a good life and qualification, when we got falling in whatever, we should make it as a valuable lesson instead disaster beating.

Actually, when we doing much activity that we love and that we like to do, even though we are very tired, we still have a power to do all we want to do because intake influence from spirit and nice suggestion.

So, we can do in so many thing useful for life and arround it.
what a little thing we can do for a kindness, do it straight, don't stop before outcome, because good output will approach you.

Don't let waste time and blank, create your idea, doing what you can and growing a good spirit and positive energy to throw away our useless.

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