Humble accustomed to Big Appreciate

Who can be humble in live will feel light sensation, as though we are no burden and no need to think loading for everything.
Because by famiriarize ourselves to make our life simple, can deduct a burden thought.

No need to fabricated our attitude and performance with no the way we are, what for our luxury, majesty, glamorous and etc, if we are not feel happy and we cannot get what is can't be bought like a serenity, togetherness, and sincere.

By humble living, is not mean that we never enjoying a living, we are really can enjoy and get all enjoyment, pleasure and any benefit in life, we can also use all facilities by our capability, if we want to drive a car, ride a motor, have a luxury property, we no need to force by create our big debt, it will be burden for us, so we can look at other alternative, we can enjoy without debt shadowing in our life.

That alternative is , we can experience and undergo to use all luxury facilities by rent, by using public own to rent it arround us will minimalization all risk of maintenance or big debt.

By we do a humble attitude and practice it in our daily life, the others will accept us as the majesty person who humble and make them comfortable if we are beside other persons.

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